Asalite Premium LED Rechargeable 3W + 3W Oil Resistant Work Light 380 lumens

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Products with the Premium Asalite Quality logo are characterized by outstanding quality and use of materials, as well as long-term reliability, and are considered to be extremely innovative in terms of functionality.

The Asalite Rechargeable 3W + 3W LED Floodlight is a perfect example of Asalite's design innovations. It is powered by a 3.3W extra bright XPG3 and a 3W COB LED. Its sophisticated yet rugged design is in itself a guarantee for longevity. The product is capable of five functions. When set to spotlight mode, three different types of brightness can be adjusted on it, and the directional light function allows focused illumination of a specific target, which is also possible with two different types of brightness. These properties predestine a wide range of uses. In addition to home and leisure use, it is mostly used as a work light due to its oil-resistant construction. The ABS + PA66 + GF30 cover makes it easy to clean and oil resistant. It is recommended for car mechanics, workshops and those who expose the lamp to dirt during use.

The magnetic design of the product and the top hook makes it easy to place.

The Asalite Cordless 3.3W + 3W LED Floodlight can deliver exceptionally high brightness of up to 380 lumens. Due to the extremely strong battery, its operating time can reach up to 102 hours.
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