Asalite LED 1.2W Flashlight 130 lumens

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Asalite branded products are characterized by high quality and use of materials, as well as long-term reliability. Practicality and wide usability played a key role in their design.

The Asalite 1.2W LED light is a perfect example of Asalite's design innovations. Due to its small size of 1.7 x 1.4 cm, it is characterized by easy portability and, thanks to its design, it can even be clipped to a pocket. This is why it is also called a pen light. Its sophisticated yet rugged design is in itself a guarantee of longevity. These properties predestine a wide range of uses.

The Asalite 1.2W LED light provides an extremely high brightness of 130 lumens compared to its size using a 1.2W extra bright CREE LED.

The Asalite 1.2W LED light scatters its light at a range of 73 meters.
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