Asalite halogen bulb G45 small globe E14 42W

2800K 630 lumens

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The Asalite brand offers a solution for the combination of high quality and long-term reliability in case of halogen bulbs bearing in mind their esthetic design.

Halogen bulbs offer the perfect alternative to older, traditional bulbs. Today, when protecting our environment is a priority in our lives, responsible thinking is also essential when choosing the right lighting.

All the elements that are present in the halogen bulbs result in the so-called halogen cycle, due to which the tungsten evaporated in the bulbs and the halogen compound present in the gas space react to form tungsten oxyiodide.

As a result, Asalite Halogen Bulbs can save up to 30% in energy compared to conventional bulbs.

The 42W Asalite halogen bulb is a replacement for the 60W conventional bulb. The 630 lumens brightness is accompanied by a color temperature of 2800 Kelvin and a beam angle of 360 degrees.

Asalite halogen bulbs are an ideal choice for any type of luminaire with the right socket in mind.
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