Asalite LED Fluorescent Lamp T8-22W-150 cm

4000K 2200 lumens

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The Asalite LED T8 Fluorescent lamp provides an alternative solution to the previous traditional type of T8 fluorescent lamps.

The advantage of Asalite LED fluorescent lamps with SMD LED light sources is that their light is vibration-free and glows full light straight after they are switched on.

The 22W Asalite LED fluorescent lamp provides 2200 lumens, so its luminous efficacy is very high at 100 lumens / W.

It has a beam angle of 320 degrees, making it suitable for illuminating larger spaces.

Asalite “A +” rated fluorescent lamps ensure immediate energy savings as an environmentally friendly product.

It can be installed in luminaires and fixtures intended for indoor use, for main lighting.

As it is also suitable for everyday use, we recommend the product for lighting office buildings, warehouses, meeting rooms, public institutions, schools, halls and garages.

Since LED fluorescent lamps operate from 230V, so it is necessary to remove the ballast of conventional fluorescent lamps during commissioning. As the LED fluorescent lamps are supplied on one side, the connectors on the other side are only used for proper mounting, they are not electrically connected.

Modified luminaires do not contain protective earthing, so touching them is strictly forbidden in case of any adjustment or replacement! One of the spikes of the fluorescent tube is zero and the other is the phase. Make sure that replacement or installation of the product is always done by a professional specialist.
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