Asalite LED Bulb A60 Filament E27 6W

2700K 660 lumens

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Asalite LED - Not only the light source of the future, but also of the present!

The colour of traditional light bulbs is 2700 Kelvin and as the Asalite LED Filament product family can also perform the same colour temperature, it perfectly fits into a restaurant with Vintage interior design, loft-style apartment or office due to its effective energy consumption, tone and shape.

The Asalite brand offers an alternative to the combination of high quality and long-term reliability for LED bulbs. Due to the LED chips used for the products, they provide a stable solution for even, aesthetic and eye-pleasing interior lighting.

The 6W Asalite LED bulb provides an exceptionally high brightness of 660 lumens at an angle of 320 degrees.

Energy-efficient “A ++” rated Asalite LED bulbs not only offer environmentally efficient energy consumption, but also have a long service life of up to 25,000 operating hours, making a major contribution to maintaining the environmental conditions necessary for sustainable development. Reliable operation is reassured by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

The Asalite E27 6W A60 Filament LED bulb replaces the use of a 50W conventional bulb and it can last up to fifty times longer and achieve 90% energy savings over this time, resulting in significant cost efficiency in the long run after a one-time investment.

The range of applications regarding Asalite LED bulbs is extremely wide. They are suitable for daily use, in addition to the classic residential use, they can be a relevant solution even in the case of hotels, schools, office buildings, hospitals and shopping complexes. Some models may also function as a design element or mood lighting.
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