Asalite IP65 Dust and mist-free luminaire prepared for

LED T8 Fluorescent 2 X 120 Cm (Fluorescent Lamp Not Included)

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The Asalite IP65 Dust and mist-free armature is suitable for the operation of LED T8 fluorescent lamps.

The armature is equipped with all the necessary fastening clips and locks.

Asalite Dust and mist-free armature has high IP65 dust and water resistance. LED fluorescent lamp is not included with the product.

The luminaire is suitable for 2 120 cm long LED T8 fluorescent lamps with G13 sockets.

It can be installed in or out of wall and ceiling mounting, but also with a suspended solution.

As it is suitable for everyday use, we recommend the product for office buildings, warehouses, meeting rooms, public institutions, schools, or for rooms where the luminaire is exposed to excessive dirt, such as: car mechanics, carpentry workshops.

The installation of the IP65 Dust and mist-free luminaire must be carried out while the fuse is disconnected, in which case you must always seek the assistance of a specialist.
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