Asalite LED Reflector 10W

4500K 800 lumens + motion sensor

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Asalite branded LED reflectors are characterized by high quality and material usage as well as long-term reliability. With these products, significant energy savings can be achieved compared to previously used halogen incandescent reflectors while providing higher brightness. Their aluminium cover design and IP65 water resistance rating make them very resistant to changing environmental impacts.

The Asalite LED Reflector 10 W 4500K is capable of achieving a luminosity of 800 lumens in addition to 10 W of power. It can illuminate the space at 120 degrees, making it an optimal choice for illuminating the outside areas of our living environment (courtyards, terraces, driveways, etc.). The long 35 cm power supply cable makes the installation procedure easier.

Due to their A + energy class rating, the products are a good option in addition to environmentally conscious thinking.

Asalite LED reflectors have a lifespan of up to 25,000 operating hours, and reliable operation is ensured by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

The installation and placement of Asalite reflectors is made easy and practical by a movable metal frame. Since the angle of inclination can be adjusted arbitrarily, the illuminated area of ​​120 degrees can be changed as required. The long 35 cm power supply cable makes the installation procedure easier.

Their water resistance rating is IP65, so in addition to indoor use, outdoor use is safely recommended.

The motion sensor results in extremely efficient utilization, as the reflector only activates when it is needed. As the product is designed to switch on and off 12,500 times, this feature does not shorten its lifespan either. In order to meet all special expectations both the duration of the lighting and the distance of motion detection can be adjusted at the back of the reflector.

Product installation must be performed by a specialist, as any operation carried out with the power supply switched on can result in a risk of electric shock!
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